Myndful is a biotech startup in Richmond, VA dedicated to brain health. Their keystone product is BIRT (Brain Injury Recovery Test). It's an easy-to-administer genetic test used to evaluate someone's risk of long-term cognitive effects and slow recovery after a concussion. Our team was asked to evaluate Myndful's position in the marketplace.


During a time when concussions and head injuries are top of mind, how can Myndful distinguish itself without becoming a one-hit-wonder? How can Myndful protect sales when a big pharma company comes out with a knock-off? Is there a stigma around in-home predictive test services that Myndful needs to steer clear of?


We talked to athletes, caregivers and caretakers. We realized the intense emotion associated with brain-related medical issues, and the impact they have on human lives. We learned when your mind isn't healthy because of a physical injury or a degenerative disease, it can impact your personality and identity. Given the common link between concussions and Alzheimer’s disease is the mind, there’s serious concern towards how strongly these diseases negatively influence what makes you, you.


Embrace the possibility of the APOE gene, because it says more about the mind than just prolonged recovery from a concussion. Expand from a concussion-based company to include individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease. And in the context of competition, specificity is better. Specificity lends itself to Myndful’s credibility.


Focus on the mind and its connection to one’s identity. The APOE gene has associations with prolonged concussion recovery and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The common link - other than the gene itself - is the mind.


The champion of your mind's identity.