Lately, everyone’s been talking about sexual assault: Agency GS&PJohn KasichLady GagaNC State students.

1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted at some point in college, in the United States.

Only 6% will ever report their assault to their school or police.

Only 1% of those reports end with an assailant spending a single day in prison.

We don’t have to live in a world where 99% of rapists get away with it.

This is a tragic but solvable problem.


We created a legitimate deterrent strategy to sexual assault on University campuses in the United States by inflicting massive amounts of "petition spam" on underreporting administrations to pressure Deans to create wellness programs and raise awareness for deceptive sexual assault stats.

Here's the actual list of Universities that underreport sexual assaults.



Will Jenkins

Jacob Huber