This is live-client work. Our team has been selected to present to the PepsiCo Global Beverage team in NYC.


Soda sales have waned for 10 consecutive years in the United States and soft-drink giants (PepsiCo and Coca-Cola) are turning to make-it-at-home carbonation to buoy soft drink consumption. 

When it comes to making soda at home there are two primary options: You can buy a KeurigKold and replicate the perfect Coca-Cola taste or you can buy a SodaStream and get “close enough” to an original Pepsi taste.


As the cola wars head to the kitchen counter, Pepsi partnered with SodaStream and created Pepsi Homemade® in 2014.

Pepsi asked us to develop a new marketing strategy — to disrupt the beverage industry and build a billion dollar brand by 2020 — because Pepsi Homemade® isn’t working.


In order to engage in Pepsi Homemade®, you must own a Sodastream ($129). Additionally, Pepsi Homemade® promises “crafting a beverage that is uniquely yours by offering freedom and possibility.”

Challenge (re-framed)

We disregarded what Pepsi’s executive team asked us to do because we found everything about Pepsi Homemade® to be a dead end. We re-framed the challenge and thought about what “make my own” actually means to people and Pepsi.


Taking more than one step to put something into your body is appealing to "The Alchemist" (10 million). These people are nonconformists, fun-seekers and DIYers. They take interest in the badge of pride that comes with saying “I made this myself” instead of “I bought this at the store.” They get their hands dirty and enjoy the “process” that comes with making things on their own.


Break out of the “pack” and get involved with the people who are eager to make, create and experiment at home with beverages. Because "originality" doesn’t live in a single-serve pod.


Originals by Pepsi takes a low-tech approach to home-carbonation customization.