This project was completed last year (2015). Click the link here, and see how we predicted the future of streaming.


Bring back an old brand that went out of favor.


In 2011, Dish Network bought Blockbuster and its assets for $234 million in an effort to keep up with rising competition in the online streaming space (Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon). More and more people are "cutting the cable" for cheaper watching solutions. In the midst of this rapid change, the industry is unbelievably fragmented. Only providers with the greatest selection of old and new movies/shows and original content prevail.


Our team found that Dish Network has an opportunity to be a thought leader in the online streaming space by introducing a new revolutionary idea: social streaming. And we introduced a new identity for the brand: (OBU).


Create a new social streaming experience that gives subscribers the ability to interact with content in a way that provides a voice in its creation.


Change what they watch and how they watch it. OBU gives the user the ability to explore scenes from different angles. Additionally, users can watch together, chat and send meme's in a social viewing experience mode.


*I designed this Keynote