Rethink retail: Toys R Us


Typical toy stores use their products as surrogate parents, creating a disconnect between families when shopping for and interacting with toys. But kids don't just want new toys, they want time with their parents.


Toys are a complement to human relationships, not a substitute. Parents are their children's first brand ambassadors.

A parent's passions and interests - including brand affinity - are key building blocks to their children's identities.


Leverage the connecting power of iconic brands to catalyze generational engagement.


Toys "R" Us gets parents on their kids' level by being the place that actually brings them together.


‘The child dreams at night, of worlds constructed by imagination, governed by the laws of magic, where beautiful princesses (Barbie), defended by soldiers from space (Star Wars), drinking tea with talking turtles, gifted in martial arts (Ninja Turtles), all seem to fit together perfectly (Legos). Dreams of your past, now the dreams of their present, can be experienced, together.'

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