About Me

My father is a mountain climber and an entrepreneur.

My mother is an artist and an elementary school teacher.

I am the result of their creative talents and hard work.

But in my family we never call it “work.”


Dad is not at "work" he is at the "ropes course," mom would always say.

I grew up on my dad's ropes course.

As a child I believed he built it for me.

Much later, I learned I was wrong.

His ropes course is a tool.

For teams of all shapes and sizes.

And his program makes them stronger.

As a team. As individuals.

And as a ropes course facilitator,

I helped.

Mom is not "working" she is "helping," dad would always say.

I'm a mama's boy.

I'm not embarrassed by this.

My mother has this gentle assertive way about her.

She leads by example.

She listens first and acts second.

Whether it's a school project or calling my grandparents

to thank them for a Valentine's Day card.

My mom always taught me to be the best person I can be.

And to never sacrifice being a good person for success.


What I like

Take a look at the precious cargo I keep in the back of my Jeep.

When I'm not "working," you may find me:

fooling youngsters with my sleight of hand,

mowing someone's lawn,

helping my dad on the ropes course,

eating White Castle,

wishing I was a Beatle,


mastering my new chromatic harmonica,

or doing...something outside.


My approach

As a brand manager, I challenge and provoke.

I lend an unusual perspective by inventing new ways of thinking and solutions for engagement.

I reason analytically and think creatively.

I search for the unexpected truths that define brands by understanding

where cultural trends intersect with consumer tendencies.

All to build, defend, and hoist brands up

so people develop a greater appreciation for them.